• The Creation of a Pixel Perfect Society
  • At the same time as we voluntarily share detailed information on Facebook about our age, employment, relationship status and interests, apps in our mobile phones track every step we take. Every day, tons of personal data is collected from us without our knowledge.

    While the EU updates its data protection rules to prevent personal data from being misused and private information from leaking, systems are developed which will lead to the opposite. With this project I want to highlight the gathering of personal data by examining the social credit system currently being developed in China and expected to come into force by 2020.

    What happens when a society becomes gamified? And what happens when our daily tools like our mobile phones, debit cards and other digital devices we have created a dependence on become our closest enemy and the biggest disseminator of personal data? Will the aim to create a pixel perfect society work or will it fail us in the end?
  • Range of Work
  • Art Direction, Design, Copywriting

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  • Personal Project / Research

  • Photography
  • Rikard Lilja

  • Set Design
  • Frank Jansson